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How is it possible?

Do you ever look at your child and wonder how it’s possible to love something so much?
Seriously how is it humanly possible to feel that much love within you.
Especially when they can be so unbearably frustrating!
It’s not even a feeling that you can describe. Looking at them and realising you created something so perfect to you? Knowing that they are made up of two people who came together to create a human being.
It’s mad when I look at her and see Billy, they are exactly the same as each other, yet some days she looks just like me.
She certainly has my attitude and strong mindedness.
That will be difficult when she grows up but I hope it also helps her to be stand strong in all she believes in and doesn’t let anyone force their opinions or beliefs on to her.
People often call me opinionated and dislike me for it, and that’s okay, but it took me years to have the courage to speak out for what I felt was right and I’m not going to stop doing that.
Nova will be free to be whoever she wants to be, she’s very laid back just like Billy is which I love. We are literally Ying and Yang, that compliments her perfectly.
She is truly something special to us and I am forever grateful to have her in our lives.

Emily ♥

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