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I’m a student AGAIN.

I have wanted to do my NVQ Level 3 in childcare for a LONG time. I have waited and waited and waited. I’ll be honest it got to the start of this year and I wasn’t much interested anymore and swaying more towards doing a peer support course in breastfeeding. Then my manager emailed to say I could start in September to do my NVQ and I thought, ‘well I’ve waited this long’. So I decided that I will do this and then go on to breastfeeding peer support.

It’s a 22 month course so it’s not to bad, I go to college once a month on a Tuesday and do the rest of the work at home. The first day was a bit daunting, it was like starting a new school and not knowing anybody was strange, all the ladies on my course are lovely though and it wasn’t that bad once I was there. It was information overload though and my brain certainly felt fizzled when I left.

It was the first time Nova had to go to sleep for bedtime without me and without breastmilk. She always has ‘booby’ before bed but Billy had to give her some cows milk and then spent about 45 minutes trying to get her to sleep, lots of cuddles, bum patting and hair stroking and she finally went. He said she wasn’t that bad but I know what he’s like and he probably down played it so I didn’t feel hurt. I’m just thankful she was in safe hands and with someone who will comfort her even if it takes hours.

Nova wasn’t very well for a couple of weeks and then also ended up with chicken pox, then I caught her throat infection and I was concerned I wouldn’t make it to college but we were both thankfully much better on Tuesday.

Doing work at home is definitely going to be difficult, I love my free time in the evenings but it will be worth it in the end and I certainly struggle to do it with Nova around and she MUST press all the keys on the keyboard or in her eyes the world will end!

Hopefully I can get back on here to write a bit more often even if it’s just brief but college will always come first so this may take a back burner.

Emily ♥

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