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At One With Nature

I don’t know whether there is any scientific reasoning behind this, but since I’ve had Nova and definitely now more that she is older and more exploratory, I find that I am more at one with nature. I hate bad bugs, but I hate if they get killed, I almost feel bad for them. Bees would have terrified me before but now they don’t bother me at all. I still have a huge fear of wasps and moths though!

We went for a lovely walk in the woods by us yesterday and it was almost as if I soaked in so much of what was around me, before I would have been worrying about the bugs and plants and getting almost annoyed. But it was beautiful, seeing and being around nature. Nova was soaking it all in and kept going “WOW” and just embracing her surroundings. She would bum shuffle down hills and I didn’t care that she was getting dirty, because she didn’t care. She didn’t know that it was muddy and there may have been spiders and other bugs, she was just enjoying feeling the mud in her hands and sliding down a hill. She climbed up trees and picked up sticks, and best of all she splashed in puddles.

I could see the wonderment in her eyes, she loved getting to see and explore a new place. It was almost as if I was taken back to being a child and having no sense of fear, just enjoying my surroundings and embracing all aspects of it. I usually would have moaned about having to go up steep hills but instead I just done it, and then Nova would follow and we’d be clapping and cheering her on and the sense of pride she had when she reached the top was just beautiful to see. She would clap herself and then we would hi-five. She walked for so long too, I worried she would struggle but she walked for most of our journey which was amazing!

I definitely want to get out and explore more places with her, for my own well-being but also because it was so great for Nova, you could see how much she loved it and it was such a pleasure for us to enjoy something together as a family.

Emily ♥

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