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A small break from motherhood.

So it was mine and Billys 9 Year anniversary on Saturday, or as he so lovingly describes it 9 Years off a life sentence *eye roll*. So we decided to go out for a meal. I’d had a truly awful week so wasn’t much looking forward to it, after being made to feel like a truly horrific person by someone who I thought very fondly of I wasn’t very up for doing anything. But Billy knows how to get me out a rut and I knew it would do me good.

I think as a parent, and I’m sure others feel the same too, you wish for those moments away from your children, just for that much needed break but when you get it, you miss them and think of them most of the time. Time away is definitely needed though and should be done more often. It’s okay to want them time away, it doesn’t make you a bad parent, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your child. You just need to do it for your own sanity.

So my lovely sister came round to babysit which she had been looking forward too, obviously I had the usual worries of will Nova be okay? But I need not worry because she is always okay and she is more capable than I give her credit for. I love her confidence and her ability to cope without me but I also want her to miss me sometimes, I know that is very selfish of me but I just want her to want and need me for as long as possible because I know I will miss those times so much when she is ‘too old’ for cuddles. I know my mum misses me wanting her comfort so much, but she is definitely one of the first people (Billy too) I still run to when I’m having a rubbish time.

Anyway, we had a thoroughly good meal and a nice time just the two of us. That small break from motherhood done me a world of good, I actually kind of wished we had stayed out a bit longer but there is always next time. Make sure you take time as a parent to do things for you, alone. Even if it’s something small. It is very much needed.

Emily ♥

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