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Mum shaming.

These words honestly annoy me so much. I am so aware that people do mum shame, however giving out safe advice is not one of those times. I share safe advice on my social media platforms often, I do this because these are things I’ve been taught. Someone either came to me, or I saw it from a fellow parent, I researched it and now I’m knowledgeable on it too. I think everyone has a duty of care to protect children, they are physically unable up to a certain age to protect themselves. If you see a child in immediate danger then you should definitely do something about it. DON’T IGNORE IT, especially for fear of being mum shamed.

I work with children and honestly I learnt so much whilst on maternity leave, I feel pretty confident that I have bought Nova up safely. If I was told something wasn’t safe I didn’t get defensive or ignore it. I thanked that person and researched it to ensure my child was the safest she could be.

Sometimes it can be hard to hear that what you’re doing may be the wrong thing but that doesn’t mean you are being shamed, it means someone cared enough about your child to mention it. Know Better, Do Better.

We are always learning as parents, parenthood is a huge learning experience. Until you become a parent you really don’t know what it will be like or what to expect. It can be a huge reality check. It comes with great difficulties but it also comes with amazing experiences. I will continue to share my safe advice despite what I’m called, despite some not very nice messages being sent to me, because out of those few who are unkind, I also have many who are grateful and thankful, and that truly makes it worthwhile.

Emily ♥

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