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Are you a Googler?

Is anyone else a Googler? You know, you see/feel something on you or your child and you Google it and UHOH big mistake?! So Nova woke up yesterday with a crusty eye, literally couldn’t open it and I knew straight away it was conjunctivitis, but I googled anyway and some worrying stuff was coming up.

I think we as parents worry so much anyway, about ridiculous things. I’ll admit even before having Nova I was a huge worrier, everything made me anxious, I always thought the worse of a situation. I did worry (funnily enough) that having a child would make things worse, that I’d want to wrap them up in bubble wrap and panic about everything they do, but actually I’m pretty chilled. Obviously, I still have that panic moment, where you think of the worse possible outcome of what your child is currently doing, but Nova is very adventurous and I love that. I wouldn’t want to push my fears and anxiety onto her. She’s very much like her dad to be fair, chilled out, goes with the flow. She loves to climb and I let her (within reason) climb whenever she wants, she learnt pretty quickly how to get herself off our bed, how to climb up and down the stairs, how to get on the sofa herself. It was all trial and error with a few bumps along the way but she learnt.

I feel as though I learn so much from her, she truly has taught me so much. Her confidence and independence amazes me, I wish I could be more like her. Considering she was isolated from people for a fair amount of time she is super sociable. The complete opposite of me basically. I have very little confidence which makes it very difficult to socialise, especially with new people. I am not very independent at all, in fact I depend on my family and Billy so much, I would truly struggle without them. Nova has definitely brought me out of my comfort zone though and I do try to be more interactive with other people. Even if my heart is beating a million miles an a second.

Luckily, when we woke up this morning Novas eyes were okay, still a bit sore but nothing of major concern. I’ve got the doctor calling me later on anyway just to double check in case it is something other than conjunctivitis. But i’m pretty sure she is fine and i’m just being a worrier!


Emily ♥

2 thoughts on “Are you a Googler?

  1. The everyday ramblings of an everyday mum are the ramblings about what’s really important in life: our children, our love, our ways of making life as beautiful as we can for all of us. Children teach us so many lessons, and “letting go” and being less anxious is one of them. Glad Nova is doing well.

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